New Solutions For Shipments And Returns

Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

we are pleased to inform you that since 2015 PVS Services Italia Srl is an official partner of the B2C EUROPE Group, of which it owns 30% in the Italian subsidiary B2C EUROPE ITALY SRL.

B2C EUROPE is a multinational company based in the Netherlands with branches throughout Europe and China. The Group specializes in national and international shipping solutions, and returns management on a European scale.

We are proud to present the new shipping service from our warehouse: ex Parma parcels are departing daily now from Italian customer’s warehouses or PVS’ warehouse. Using the daily linehaul from Parma to the European B2C Europe network, we are now able to offer injection into local postal or local courier delivery networks. The advantage of this service is that when a parcel cannot be delivered on first attempt, a parcel will be stored at the local postoffice for collection by your customer. The transit time on average is around 3 to 5 working days to European countries ex Parma.

PVS Italia and B2C Europe are fully integrated for the service, using advanced information technology. All tracking information for parcels sent to all countries is now available in 1 system for the customers of PVS Services Italia SrL. The service is active for EU destinations and as soon for extra EU.

PVS Italia is therefore proud to be able to propose B2C Europe’s shipping services as an alternative to standard shipping methods. You have now easy access to local postal delivery networks at a very competitive rate! For more information please visit:

Here are some indicative examples for ecommerce shipments ex Parma (1kg):

  • tracked shipments to Germany, starting from 4.40 €.
  • tracked shipments to Spain, starting from 4.95 €.
  • tracked shipments to USA, starting from 9.31 €.
  • tracked shipments into France, starting from 6.15 €.
  • tracked shipments into UK, starting from 4.40 €.

You can access a market potential of 300 million E commerce buyers, using this local delivery solution of B2C Europe.

Our Team is ready for your questions on features and pricing of this new service:

Federica Farina
Tel. +39 0521 776200

Davide Dalledonne
Tel. +39 366 2233458