E-commerce B2B

PVS Services Italia S.r.l is a leader in the logistics sector for ecommerce, fulfilment and customer service plus it is able to offer services for large and small business, with a vast series of logistics solutions in the B2B (business-to-business) field, a sector that is showing exponential growth rates year after year.

This success is mostly due to the increase in online purchases (especially from mobile phones), as well as the development of new payment and delivery services, plus the entrance onto the market of new big players.

The B2B ecommerce solutions involve commercial transactions among companies, including suppliers and professional clients located at different points on the production chain.
B2B electronic commerce represents an advantageous opportunity for development because it multiplies the potential sales opportunities. An advanced logistics system allows the company to expand its own range of action in the territory without having to invest in new sales points or human resources. It also allows companies to consult your online catalogue and easily make orders, thereby saving time and the resources necessary for assisting the sales, as well as presenting your company as evolved and reliable.

PVS provides professional management of the logistics flows and fulfilment. We offer national and international deliveries for ecommerce by means of postal services, express courier services or shipping by truck, plane, train and swap bodies. On request it is also possible to include services such as cash on delivery payments and full-risk insurance, the sending of text messages and emails, delivery by appointment, planned deliveries, porterage, etc. We provide storage services of the goods, ensuring incoming and outgoing quanity and quality controls. We also take care of storage on pallets and shelves. We manage pick & pack, that is, a system which allows for making shipments of complex orders requiring specific packaging operations or detailed delivery.

The preparation of the orders is carried out via use of scanners and innovative computerised technologies in order to guarantee precision and punctuality. We package a myriad of different types of goods in a wide range of sectors, also with requests for specific services, such as customised packaging, in series, gift wrapped, in silk paper, with gift cards, etc.

We manage track & trace operations (in other words, the monitoring system of the goods) with  Import/Export declarations and customs management, and also guarantee accurate handling of any national and international returns together with controls, reporting and subsequent repackaging of the goods.

It is also possible to request extra services such as:

  • personalisation of sports garments with logos, graphics or numbers;
  • production of labels;
  • stitching, embroidery, ironing, steaming, quality sealing and security;
  • production of photos and videos for ecommerce websites, in collaboration with renowned Italian and foreign studios (if required, also including the recruiting models and choosing the locations);
  • filling out of technical datasheets of the products, also with photos taken at our facilities

Supply chain

What does supply chain management (SCM) mean?

SCM means the management of the distribution chain involving the various logistics activities of the companies aimed at controlling performance and improving its efficiency. In effect, the manufacturing of a product depends on a series of factors that can have a strong impact on the production times, such as the sourcing of raw materials and the various elements that affect the manufacturing.

Therefore, the distribution chain not only concerns the internal organisation of the company, but also its coordination with suppliers and sub-contractors. The supply chain management tools are related to the methods aimed at improving and automating the sourcing, and reducing to a minimum the stock and delivery times. That’s why it is also known as work “in continuous flow”, the purpose of which is to obtain a balanced production line, with minimal waste, cutting of costs, and optimal timing. Ideally, “continuous flow” indicates a type of processing in which the work of every phase is completed before the next process, one step at a time.

Among the organisation activities of the logistics, there is also the systematic cataloguing of the products and the strategic coordination of the various members of the distribution chain. These instruments also allow for tracking the various elements, that is, of following the pathway of the items through the various interventions of the logistics chain. With an efficient organisation of the
supply chain it is possible to coordinate in a homogeneous manner all the activities of the production chain, both internal (the various departments of the company) and external (suppliers of the materials, the logistics services and the computerised systems). The effectiveness of this system makes it possible to considerably increase the company’s competitive advantage, improving the service offered to customers.


The fulfilment process concerns the series of activities that are set in action the moment the customer places an order. It then integrates the product flows, such as the handling and shipping, together with the customer care services and after-sales assistance. The term order fulfilment refers to the entire logistics process, from the sales inquiry to the delivery of the product to the end customer. This includes warehousing activities, processing and distribution of the goods to the end customer also by third parties (outsourcing of the logistics).

The purpose of a fulfilment provider is that of guaranteeing the reliability and agility of the distribution chain of your company in order to appropriately manage demand and supply. The Order Fulfilment Process is gradually being added to with increasingly more advanced technologies in the handling and data collection sectors.

Multilingual Customer Service

Even though we are living in the digital era, many users still prefer to call for help with their purchases. The after-sales service, technical assistance and simple replies to requests for information are all activities that must be provided effectively and quickly.

Customer care is an essential instrument that allows for building customer loyalty and limiting any threats to your business: a customer who is angry or dissatisfied with the service could give your company a bad name by word of mouth and have potentially a very damaging effect on your reputation.

When a business is developed that also deals with foreign countries and customers, it is essential to provide a language assistance service. Speaking the customer’s language is not only a way to make them feel important and protected, but it is also an undoubtedly effective means of rapidly addressing any issues. Being understood by customers allows for avoiding misunderstandings and discussions that slow down your company.

We must remember that English is not perfectly understood or spoken by everyone. If numerous customers speak other languages or come from a certain geographical area it is undoubtedly the case to consider the possibility of introducing new languages to your customer service.

Finally, having a multilingual Customer Service is an excellent marketing tool: if a website and call centre are available in various languages it is also possible to reach a greater number of people compared to a website on which the only alternative is English.

PVS offers a Customer Service with as many as 35 different languages, plus accurate reporting activities related to the contacts managed.

The services include both the classic telephone call centre as well as customer assistance via chats and emails. It is also possible to activate toll-free and local numbers.

Full Outsourcing

Outsourcing means the externalising of some phases of the production process or the support processes.

It takes time and specific knowledge to follow the ecommerce design and management phases. In some cases therefore it may prove far more effective for clients to start off with management in full outsourcing.

The full outsourcing solution consists of entrusting the management of some or all of the operations to an external company.


The services provided by PVS are manifold and include:

  • delivery of goods worldwide by express or normal couriers;
  • management of numerous payment methods associated with the ecommerce website;
  • storage, Pick & Pack, preparation of orders of goods, management of returns;
  • pre- and post-sales support, also multilingual;
  • management of numerous specific additional services aimed at satisfying even the most demanding customer.

There are multiple advantages from entrusting the management of your own B2B ecommerce to a team of experts: for example, it allows you to reduce start-up costs and avoid hiring and training new personnel and investing in new technologies.