Customer Service Parma


  • Telephone service CALL CENTER (incoming and outgoing calls);
  • Management of phone calls: Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00; Sat 09.00-12.00;
  • Receipt of emails, faxes 24h/24h;
  • Customer assistance service in writing (letters, faxes, emails, chats);
  • Social-commerce (Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
  • Multilingual: German, English, Italian, French, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Finish, Dutch, Spanish, etc.);
  • Over 500 Call Center agents (USA, Germany, Italy, UK);

Customer Service

Customer Service

Management of credit, payment reminders, credit assessment and credit recovery (also for foreign currencies and local payment methods)

Reporting and statistics

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Customer Service company in Parma

Customer Service Parma, PVS Service Italia, headquarters in Parma, specialized in logistics services for ecommerce websites and Customer service