If you are having trouble accessing Gsped please contact the IT department through our CRM (ticket).

In order to release a shipment through Gsped, the status must have the stock status open otherwise it will not be possible to send instructions to the carrier. If the shipment shows the absent/rejected/incorrect address status, it will be necessary to wait for the carrier to update the status.

It is only possible to release DOMESTIC shipments through Gsped. If the status of the shipment is open stock but it is not possible to send instructions please contact our IT department.

We wish to remind you that the end consumer is able to contact the local branch and finalise the delivery. If you would rather have our Customer Service manage the release please contact them through our CRM (ticket) and request the release of the shipment. Please remember that this operation has a cost.

If you wish to request the release of stock just contact our Customer Service through our CRM by opening a ticket. Please remember that this operation has a cost.